Our Services

SAP Commerce Cloud

B2B, B2C and Marketplace customers have different corporate interests, but very similar purchasing expectations.

SAP Marketing Cloud

The buying journey has evolved at a steady pace, and this limitation on access to customer information delays companies in the process of digital transformation.

SAP Sales/Service Cloud

Digital integration for the sales area goes far beyond CRM.

Remote Consultancy

Have you thought that by running your company’s projects remotely, there can be a cost reduction of 15% to 20% and many other benefits?

Flieger Commerce

The most complete digital commerce tool. With Flieger Commerce your company will enter into a new world called OMNICHANNEL.

Flieger Monitoring

The perfect tool to monitor your e-commerce processes and data quality. Start being proactive, not only reactive!

Digital Commerce Projects

Digital customers require companies to be always one step ahead of them, better informed and present in their favorite channels.


flieger.software expertise in business strategy can bring decisive results to the success of your company.